Sydney’s high office prices are making it difficult for small businesses to make the transition from home-based operations to professional office spaces. Virtual offices and serviced offices mitigate the challenges of working from home and the expense of a fully furnished city office space. Here are seven compelling reasons for why you should consider making your Sydney office virtual.

1. Reduce overheads with a virtual office

A virtual office provides your business the benefits of a physical office at a fraction of the cost. According to figures from 2012, the average monthly cost of a relatively small 80 metres squared Sydney office is $5706. This cost does not include any of the essential utilities, Internet or furniture required for a functioning office. A virtual office can be as little as $39.80 - $264 per month depending on how many extra services your business requires. At an average saving of over $5000 a month, a virtual office is a very attractive alternative to physical office space.

2. Enjoy the benefits of working from home

If you are very disciplined and focused, working in your own environment can greatly increase your efficiency and improve your work/life balance. With a virtual office, you have the ability to choose your workstation, whether that be your home office, kitchen, bedroom, local library, favourite café or beach, whatever workplace works for you works for your business. Obviously working from home is not for everyone, as many people do not have suitable home environments to work in or the discipline to ensure efficiency. If this applies to you then you should have a look at our serviced office alternative.

Face-to-face technology

With advances in communications technology you have the ability to have face-to-face communication with your colleagues no matter what country they are in, negating the concern that physical interaction is necessary for a workplace. As long as you have the discipline, with modern technology, your business can flourish in any location.

3. Ditch the opal card

One of the nicest aspects of working from home is the elimination of the much-dreaded commute. Travelling is one of the most agonizing aspects of working in an office space. Many locations in Sydney are not well serviced by public transport, resulting in workers either driving to work and having the hassle of gridlock traffic and expensive parking or spending hours each day making their way to their jobs on a variety of buses, trains and ferries.

Take back your mornings

With a virtual office, you only need to leave your home workplace when you need to meet clients or use the facilities at your virtual office centre. Virtual office workers speak of their mornings spent surfing, grabbing a coffee or dropping their kids to school before starting their day. This time has been afforded to them by not riding the crowded train next to the man with B.O.

4. Think Green

On top of the mental health advantages of skipping the commute, virtual office workers are actually helping preserve the environment! TelCoa notes that if 32 million Americans who could work from home did so at least one day a week, 74 million gallons of gas could be saved -- enough go around the globe 51,000 times. Australia’s population is considerably smaller, but small changes make a global difference.

5. Look professional with a office address in Sydney

The most obvious advantage of a virtual office is a professional address. At a certain point in your business having professional meetings in a café or your living room is no longer up to standard. Having a virtual office in Sydney will provide you an address in a respected and prestigious area. This is where your mail will be sent and also where you can take your clients for meetings and presentations. All good virtual offices will provide meeting room services. Simply book them in advance and enjoy the impressed look on your client’s faces when you invite them to your office.

6. Make use of meeting rooms to welcome your clients

As mentioned earlier all good virtual offices should provide real, professional and technologically updated meeting rooms where you can present and speak to your clients. The look of your business is very important to how your clients perceive you. Despite how handy the café down the road has been hosting your clients, you may need to present to large groups or set the tone for portentous meetings. Most meeting rooms will cost your around $35 an hour and they will need to be booked in advance.

7. Get your own personal assistant

With a virtual office you get the advantage of a personal assistant to answer your calls, forward emails and voicemails and perform the tasks you simply don’t have time for. They are briefed on your business and will answer calls with your company name, giving you a very professional appearance. Having a personal assistant will free you up to focus more on expanding your business!

All the Good None of the Bad

Having a virtual office allows you to reap all the benefits of a traditional office with the added flexibility and comfort of working in your own space. You receive a professional address, have professional spaces to host meetings and a personal assistant to answer your calls and emails. Save money on rent and furniture and see where a virtual office can take your business!

Excen provides virtual offices around Sydney from $9.95 per week. Check out our virtual office packages for unbeatable price and service. Or contact us directly to discuss the best option for you!


posted on: 03 Dec 2014

quoteMoving my home office was the best decision I have made, my home is now free of files. It is so convenient having access to secretarial services, and a boardroom, I found it very easy to walk in and start operating.quote

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