Excen are excited to announce we're redesigning our website, inspired by a desire to discover what makes you click, as well as tick. Part of the redesign will include close analysis of how you, our customer, uses our site, which will lead to improvements specifically created to increase the value you take away from each visit, be it more information, submission of a new query or knowledge of a special offer or discount.

Please explore our new site, allowing it to lead you through fresh pages of content and new possibilities for your business and office space. We'll be paying close attention and we look forward to your feedback.

Please contact us with any questions regarding either the new site or your current arrangements with us and we’ll respond promptly. Meanwhile, we remain totally dedicated to providing you with the office space and support services you need to run your successful business.


posted on: 27 Jan 2013

quoteMoving my home office was the best decision I have made, my home is now free of files. It is so convenient having access to secretarial services, and a boardroom, I found it very easy to walk in and start operating.quote

Fitzpatrick Bookkeeping