After 28 years in the serviced office industry, I have seen a lot of changes. Today people type their own correspondence despite their position. When I started in the industry an executive used our secretaries or typing pool, as it was known for letters, invoices and proposals. These were typed on typewriters with carbon paper and returned with changes and corrections. Our 5 full time secretaries would start the day with a huge pile of work including dictation and telex’s. Today of course technology has dictated that we type our own documents which are mostly as emails.

Serviced Office Space

When serviced offices started here in Sydney in the early 10’s an 18m2 office would accommodate 1 executive- one desk and possibly a small meeting table.

As the years went by, personal space in offices became smaller and smaller (around 6m2 per person).

Today an 18m2 office can fit 4 desks and offices are open plan. For a business owner today, the way we work keeps their overheads to a minimum. The work place is informal in so many ways.

The boss now works alongside his employees!

Flexibility in the workplace

Almost every company has employees with flexible days, hours and working conditions. A lot of my tenants spend some of their week working from home. The office then becomes the central meeting point for staff who would otherwise be disjointed working from different locations.

The Psychology of Business

Our space needs have changed and technology has changed the way we communicate but what has stayed the same? The motivation of a professional office!

Several years ago I finally convinced one of my virtuals, a recruiter, to grow his virtual service with us to a full time office. Cash flow was an issue but a baby was on its way! And we knew he needed to separate work from home. He must have inspected the space 4 times and he had heaps of questions.

About a month after taking an office he came to see me. He told me his work day was now strictly 8am to 6pm, 5 days a week. He was so motivated to go home and enjoy his family he told me he worked harder and smarter! His business grew rapidly!

A Professional Office makes you Professional!

Working from home is cheap! But it can’t give you the professional stimulation a commercial office can.

Step out of your home office and you are in your lounge room, wandering past the TV, the fridge or working as hard as you can before the kids come home from school.

Step out of your serviced office and you are in a busy, professional business centre and reception. You are surrounded by business professionals with couriers coming and going, meetings and reception staff answering calls and greeting your clients. It’s a stimulating environment!

Meeting your Clients

There are many types of businesses who are creative and could meet their clients and customers in coffee shops! But B2B sales are more credible in a professional meeting or conference room.


if you want your business to be taken seriously, you need to project a commercial image.

You might have the smallest office in the centre but your clients could image you have the biggest!

Serviced Offices are not always obvious to your clients. So many of our tenants visitors believe our reception belong to the company they have come to meet with. This is when we know we have done our job.

Tenants don’t only occupy their office, they ‘own’ all the common areas- the hallways, reception, bathrooms, conference rooms- this is what I call the psychology of serviced offices.

How long will I stay in a Serviced Office?

Serviced offices can be a stepping stone.

Companies that are growing quickly will consolidate in serviced office space while they get their personnel on board. They might look at 12 months in serviced space before they take commercial space. For branch offices of interstate or international companies, serviced offices can be a permanent solution.

Company reps need the support of phone answering and parcel handling when they are one man bands or travel for work.

Home Office companies choose a serviced office for a variety of reasons. Their employees may be scattered over Sydney and they need to join forces in a central location. As mentioned earlier, the arrival of a baby will reduce the space and concentration at home! Whatever the reason cash flow will ultimately be the deciding factor.

Larger Companies can choose to stay in Serviced Offices

We have several larger companies as permanent residents in our serviced offices. Even for 10-12 staff serviced offices are a flexible and supportive environment. Companies are busy developing their business and want to leave the facilities management and outgoings to others.

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posted on: 24 Oct 2014

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