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Why use a virtual office?


A virtual office is a collaborative or flexible office space that allows employees to work from anywhere, supports all business communication needs, boosts productivity, and facilitates dedicated workplaces when needed. A virtual office provides you with business options and space, whereas previously, the options would have involved investing in a long-term, costly commercial lease. By utilising a virtual office service, your business has options.


The main benefits include:


No commute time

The average commute time for Sydneysiders is 71 minutes, meaning that on average they’re spending 5.9 hours per week commuting. With the use of virtual offices, employees have more work-life balance.


Surprisingly, running a virtual office scales well too, so even once you’ve grown you won’t need to stress about making a huge adjustment. The obvious financial benefits aside, it’s also a great way for your organisation to go green and attract the strongest candidates. The benefits are proven too as so many small businesses, startups and more commonly established corporations are shifting towards a virtual workplace. It also allows your candidate pool to expand around the world and for your business to settle into the digital era.  


Increased productivity

By implementing a virtual office it allows for employees to limit distractions, create an effective workspace, maximise your mornings and check-in with colleagues without being overbearing.


It is found that 42% of knowledge workers believe they are most productive working from home, compared to 32% who feel they get more done in an office (source: Zapier).


Decrease company overhead

With a virtual office you can forget about office lease, hardware costs, utility payments, and all the other associated costs that come with the rent of a physical office space.


Establishing a virtual office allows you to build a presence pretty much anywhere in the world, without having to pay for all the operating expenses of a brick-and-mortar space (lease, utility payments, repairs, business insurance, etc).


Improve your local SEO and Google search results

Having a business address in Crows Nest allows you to appear in that area when potential clients search for you in Google, or for your service offering in that area. Local SEO is one of the most important ways to drive leads to your business, but if your home office is located in a residential area, it is unlikely that someone is searching for services in your suburb. They are much more likely to be searching for services in a recognised business hub like Crows Nest.

How to set up a virtual office


Check out our EXCEN Receptionist virtual office package

If you’re thinking about a virtual office then our EXCEN Receptionist package might be perfect for you. As leaders in the virtual office market, we offer arguably the best value virtual receptionist, corporate address and landline with our virtual office packages in Crows Nest, North Sydney. Check out the details below


Price: $ 30 P/W



  • - 0 to 25 calls per week handled personally and answered in your Company Name.
  • - Flexible conference, Meeting and Chat rooms available ($33.00 - $36.00ph)
  • - Flexible Office Space available ($22.00ph)
  • - Commercial mailing address and parcel collection service



  • - Perfect when you work remotely, get landline calls and use meeting rooms
  • - Your own dedicated landline number advertised gives people the impression you have a commercial office.
  • - Commercial office address for your web presence, Google Maps, communication and clients
  • - Stunning Hamptons style reception area to impress your clients
  • - Low commitment - month to month


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Who needs a virtual office?


Virtual offices are most beneficial to freelancers, start-ups, and small businesses, but they can also be used by larger organisations or corporations as a permanent business model or a secondary office in a different place when they want to grow into a new region or test a new market or segment.


As a result, virtual offices are appropriate for a wide spectrum of enterprises, despite popular belief that they are only appropriate for start-ups and small firms. Small businesses may require virtual offices more than large enterprises (owing to cost savings), but established organisations can still profit from them. Mid-size businesses, large businesses, and major corporations, for example, can have a virtual office (as the main office or a branch office) if they can fully or partially adopt remote work.



Flexi Office Spaces are an on demand solution tailored to support your new way of working remotely. 

- Are you facing challenges working remotely from home with too many distractions and not enough productivity?

- Need the discipline of an office space for some of your week?

- Working from home not working for you?

- Have you Given up your lease and need a collaborative space for your team?


At Excen we can tailor office space to be as flexible as you need us to be. Would you like to come in twice a week? Or 3 hours a day? and work uninterrupted in a dedicated, private office?

Our flexible office spaces are $22 ph, or $55 per half day, $85 per 12 hours on a weekly flexi-package.

We can tailor a package to suit your needs during these difficult times for business.

*Offices subject to availability - T&Cs apply

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