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Coworking Space Vs Serviced Office. 
How do you choose?

Both open-plan Coworking spaces and Serviced Offices offer ample benefits to a business. Whether it’s a sense of community, a professional business address, networking opportunities or privacy, your business working environment is critical to the productivity of your employees.

Co-working spaces are generally used by start-up businesses, creative teams and entrepreneurs. They provide flexible workspaces with single desks in a shared open-plan environment which promotes collaboration.

Serviced Offices are often occupied by small established businesses (2+ employees) looking for more privacy and security, while still benefiting from a business community. They are fully-furnished offices, equipped with a wide range of office essentials ready for immediate use. Many small to medium corporate businesses choose a Serviced Office to increase productivity in a distraction-free commercial space while also benefiting from networking with fellow business professionals.

Advantages of a Serviced Office Workspace

Privacy and community: Benefit from both. Privacy when required and a business community to engage and network with when desired. Crowded Coworking facilities may not provide the privacy you require for important phone calls, or strategic conversations and don’t necessarily benefit a company with 2+ employees.

Security: Although society is moving in the direction of a paperless office, some occupations still require paper filing systems and a secure, locked storage space. In a Coworking office these documents would need to be taken home at the end of each day to ensure their security or locked in a communal area. Serviced Offices can provide an added level of protection and convenience.

Price: Serviced Offices often have lower costs and shorter lease terms than traditional office leases. Members often also have the option to pay per space, not per person and can scale down or upsize immediately. Having this control over how many desks will be placed in your office (thus how many people use the space), can result in considerable savings.

Administration and reception support: Receptionist to greet clients and accept delivery of mail and parcels.

All-inclusive rental space: Serviced Offices often include internet, furniture, utilities, cleaning and building maintenance.

Meeting Rooms: Arrange to meet your clients or catch up with your staff in serviced, private meeting rooms

Easy Transition: No downtime when moving in and is an easy set-up

Convenient locations: Serviced Offices are often found in primary business areas surrounded by lifestyle conveniences- retail, cafes, restaurants etc. It is a great option for staff to enjoy the location benefits.

Minimal noise: Private Serviced Offices provide a quiet working environment. Noise is the biggest issue with open-plan Coworking spaces. Telephone conversations, skype meetings or casual chats between colleagues can become a serious distraction. In a private Serviced Office, you can escape the noise and work efficiently.



Advantages of a Coworking Office

Social environment: Situate yourself in a social and collaborative working environment. Coworking offices are often filled with fellow entrepreneurs looking to collaborate and ideate together

Meeting Rooms: Meeting rooms available to book at your convenience.

Communal Spaces: Kitchens, lounges, recreational spaces available to all members

Open desks: Flexibility, allowing you to come and go as you please

Low cost and commitment options: Rent for only as long as you need


At the end of the day, the decision to rent a desk in an open-plan Coworking space or a private Serviced Office, will come down to business needs and personal preferences.

Some things to consider when looking for the right office space for your business are:

Are you looking to network in a shared space, or work privately in a personal office?

How much space do you need and can you grow where you are?

What kind of amenities does your business require?

Do you need a private space to ensure confidential information is secure?

What is your budget?