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After the global COVID-19 outbreak and the huge shift in office culture globally in 2020, many organisations have realised they need to evolve their ways of working. Despite Australia’s relative isolation, we haven’t been immune to lockdowns that have created extremely unstable working conditions. This has created a situation where the future of work isn’t coming; it’s already here. That’s why we’ve put together everything you need to know about virtual offices in one place so you can make the right choice! 

The Virtual Office Concept

A Virtual Office is a service that will enable you and your employees to work remotely by providing a range of business functions accessible through the internet. It also allows your organisation to create and maintain a presence in a desirable location like Sydney, without the overhead costs of the physical space. A Virtual office will usually have the facilities you need to maintain a professional image like meeting rooms and concierge but only for when you need them.

The benefits of a Virtual Office

Virtual Offices allow a business of any size to benefit from the advantages of a prestigious address, receptionist, landline phone number, and other support services without the commitment or expense of a dedicated office. A virtual office can be one of the best ways to benefit from the new ways of working by minimising business overheads like rent, staffing costs and building fees whilst still maintaining a professional image and high-end physical address. A virtual office package will also generally include a range of services like mail handling and call forwarding, to keep your business running smoothly. By utilising the services provided by a virtual office, it allows your team to work from home anywhere in Australia, suburban offices, or function remotely and still possess the global status that a Sydney address will provide.

Our Sydney Virtual Office 

Our Sydney Virtual Office Packages are here to support businesses that are adopting modern ways of working. Whether you’re working remotely, have an e-commerce business, have started an online side hustle, or seeking a prestige business address our virtual services have something for everyone. It’s the office you have when you don’t have an office, projecting a professional business image without the cost. As leaders in the virtual office market, we offer arguably the best value Virtual Office Packages with a receptionist, corporate address, and landline phone number included. We’re located in Crows Nest, North Sydney. View our packages here

Why a Sydney Virtual Office makes sense in 2021

Sydney spectacularly draped around its glorious harbour and beaches, has a visual wow factor like few other cities. Scratch the surface and it only gets better. Sydney is Australia’s largest city and port, a location of choice for many of the world's leading brands and one of Asia’s most important financial centres. One of the bugbears of Sydney siders is the daily commute, and with a virtual office that could be a thing of the past. Take advantage of Sydney’s unique mix of beachside lifestyle, and the amenities that a major city offers without the hassles by moving your office online. Fancy an 830 am swim before that 9 am meeting, well with a virtual office that could be you. 

Virtual Office for startups

Startups are in the best position to pivot towards a virtual office from the usual bricks and mortar office. For startups, there are so many benefits to going 100% virtual, and no re-adjustment period if you just start that way! Surprisingly, running a virtual office scales well too so even once you’ve grown you won’t need to stress about making a huge adjustment. The obvious financial benefits aside, it’s also a great way for your organisation to go green and attract the strongest candidates. The benefits are proven too as so many small businesses, startups and more commonly established corporations shifting towards a virtual workplace. It also allows your candidate pool to expand around the world and for your business to settle into the digital era.  

Virtual Office For Drop Shipping Sites

When you think about it, dropshipping e-commerce stores might be the ultimate virtual office business, and with good reason. Dropshipping can be looked at as an order-fulfilment approach whereby a retailer does not need to retain any products in inventory. They don’t need to because they can count on either the manufacturer or the wholesaler to ship any orders to the customer. As a result, this type of arrangement offers a plethora of benefits that make it highly desirable for online merchants and therefore can benefit greatly from a virtual office.

Virtual Office for Side Hustles

If you’re running a side-hustle it can be really difficult to balance your day to day job and your side-hustle because you’re unable to easily do both at the same time. A Virtual Office gives your side hustle legitimacy by providing a lucrative address and a full-time dedicated receptionist. I also will allow you to work from anywhere and still have a home base in a major city so that clients aren’t put off by your location. A virtual office will also allow you to scale as quickly or as slowly as you like, and it won’t cost you much to add this to your business. 

Virtual Office for Sole Traders

It can be hard when all you want to focus on is your customers and delivering outcomes, but you’re tied up in admin tasks and phone calls. Most Virtual office services will come with features like mail scanning, mail forwarding, phone monitoring, and other administrative support. However, the features you get access to will depend on the company and which level of service you pick.


If you're ready to get started with a Virtual Office our packages are here to support your new way of working remotely. Whether you’re working remotely or have started a side hustle, our virtual services have something for everyone. It’s the office you have when you don’t have an office, projecting a professional business image without the cost. As leaders in the virtual office market, we offer arguably the best value virtual receptionist, corporate address and landline with our virtual office packages in Crows Nest, North Sydney. Find out more here