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To Office Workers everywhere... 

It’s never been a better time to be an office worker – sure, there are long hours, terrible clients and horrendous take-away food at 11pm at night, but in terms of livability and comfort, the modern office space leaves its predecessors in the dust.

Sure, you could listen to your prehistoric uncle ramble on all day about how good things were ‘back in the day’.  I mean, who didn’t enjoy cramped office spaces that looked more like a cattle pen than a workspace? And don’t forget the lack of window space and facilities for workers to make food or go to the bathroom… sounds like absolute bliss.

There’s a very good reason that office spaces more often than not resemble living spaces in 2017.  It’s not because our bosses want us to relax all day and catch up on Game of Thrones (as tempting as that would be), but because modern corporations understand that the secret to a successful business is a comfortable environment. 

The increase in co-working space rental companies shows just how in demand the need for modern work spaces is among new and emerging businesses – rather than cluttered desks thrown into a cheap and cheerful ex-classroom, the options are endless:  private offices are intertwined with communal work spaces in many prime locations.  At Excen centres, you can find small flexible office space and large interconnecting suites in the heart of the Crows Nest cosmopolitan. Cramped is definitely not used when describing these spaces, where employees can work hard (and of course, mingle) in an environment that can be likened to a professional community of like-minded individuals.  The diverse offerings show just how much workplaces have changed in Australia in the last ten years as businesses are evolving to meet more efficient models.

Forget your classic casual Friday’s or bring your child to work days, think more along the lines of light, comfort and enough space to brighten up the day of the average office worker.

Perhaps ‘average’ isn’t the best word to use.  Because in the right conditions, the so-called ‘average’ office worker can achieve some pretty incredible things.  Go beyond the cattle pen and embrace a professional work environment that doesn’t aim to punish its occupants.

For the cynical amongst us, it might be hard to believe that the word ‘innovation’ or ‘comfortable’ belongs in the same sentence as office; however, contemporary work spaces are more than just a glorified sardine can – modern work spaces reflect the personality of the companies that inhabit it, where shared buildings often become a communal center between different businesses to grow ideas and build relationships with clients.  These communal work environments are a recipe for increased workflow and profits, showing the benefits for small and large businesses alike when they use an office space that respects their employees. 

So, this one goes out to the ‘not-so-average’ office worker who works hard and deserves a space that reflects their dedication to the company.  For the best rental office spaces, it’s hard to miss Excen – with offices in convenient locations and affordable packages for even the tightest of budgets, Excen has options for every business, great and small.

Are you working from home in MosmanChatswood, Neutral Bay or nearby and ready to make a move to serviced office? Book a visit to one of our serviced offices in Crows Nest and discover the flexibility and benefits of working from a serviced office with Excen.