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Businesses are now looking at how they can reinvent or pivot their businesses in 2020. As business look to establish their “new normal” the safety and happiness of their teams is a key in resuming business.

Some key criteria that are important to consider when looking at serviced office space and other office space options in a post-COVID world:

Small enclosed spaces like lifts are something to be best avoided. Large high-rise office space such as that in inner city Sydney can be concerning to staff now with social distancing firmly in place. Not only that, waiting for an empty lift can take time with restrictions on how many people are allowed in a lift at a given time. Smaller boutique buildings that do not rely on lifts can be a relief to your team that can avoid crowded enclosed spaces and avoid the touch points associated with travelling in a lift. Many smaller buildings with private offices can be found just outside of the inner city of Sydney in places like North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Crows Nest, Chatswood and St Leonards.

Reimagining what your office will be like in a post-COVID world? 2 - Excen Serviced office

Alternatives to public transport i.e. parking, bicycle storage including showers to freshen up post ride to work are now more than ever in demand as large crowded trains and buses are avoided and fresh approaches to getting to and from the office are favoured. Modern serviced offices now seek to cater to this by offering home to work commuters these alternative transport modes.

Reimagining what your office will be like in a post-COVID world? 3 - Excen Serviced office

Choosing somewhere local to your team rather than an inner-city location where close proximity to home so everyone in the team can achieve better work/life balance. By choosing somewhere local but still somewhat central teams can benefit from local cafes, shops and somewhere leafy to eat lunch without so much hustle and bustle to get a burrito from Guzman y Gomez for lunch. Employees still want a vibrant community feel without the stress of large volumes of people.

Separate, private offices unlike the open plan co-working space might be something your team now feels more comfortable with now whilst still having some communal areas for meetings, lunch or a chat. It is all about the balance of private versus open in 2020!

The modern receptionist plays a pivotal role in serviced office in reimagining your business for 2020. They are someone who will greet clients and direct them to meeting rooms on your behalf. They will be there to offer contactless delivery to collect deliveries and drop to your private office when you are working offsite. Essentially, they are there all the time for your business taking calls, so you don't have to be there without needing a desk for everyone, everyday. It’s all about being smart and adaptive with your office space and team in 2020.

More flexible office space for a team who may work from the office on alternative days to give more space to move about. Perhaps money can be saved by not needing an office space where everyone can work from simultaneously as in a post covid world working from home part time can allow for happier staff with better work/life balance. Your office becomes more of a hybrid adaptive space to cater to changing teams as they come and go from the office.

Separate meeting rooms so you don't have to be inviting additional people into your personal office for the safety of your team is a must for the safety and peace of mind of your team. Serviced office of have their flexibility of space with rentals where free meeting rooms are available as you require.

The office you have when you don’t need an office! Perhaps the taste of working from home has been a fantastic transition but your business still needs an office presence. A virtual service which mean your business has a presence within the business community even when you are out of office or pretty much permanently working from home. A virtual office is an affordable alternative to other office options to position your business in a new way.