An office with harbour views is hard to beat

Sydney’s CBD is undeniably stunning. An office with harbour views is hard to beat; yet unfortunately very few office workers are greeted with the world famous aspect throughout their workday. Instead the city offers stress, noise, overcrowding, traffic, queuing and overpriced unappealing food court lunches. Crows Nest on the other hand is a quiet leafy suburb with some killer food and beverage options to ease along the workday and impress your clients. Here are five reason why you should consider moving your office to Crows Nest.

1. Say goodbye to gridlock traffic

No longer be late for that important meeting because of unmoving gridlock traffic. Travelling to and from the city in peak hour is an exercise in frustration and discomfort. You are very lucky if you manage to get a seat aboard a train, bus or ferry and then you just have to hope the person sitting next to you isn’t too smelly. Driving comes with a whole new set of stresses, nudging your way through gridlock is never a pleasant way to start the morning. 

Crows Nest, by comparison is wonderfully easy to get to by public transport and car. Despite being a popular office area, traffic moves quickly and buses drop passengers along the main street and St Leonards station is a quick walk away! Crows Nest is fantastically close to the city without the stress of having to get there at peak times.

2. Stop paying thousands for parking

Parking in the city is exorbitantly expensive. If you prefer driving or have to carry in heavy equipment prepare to empty your wallet for the privilege. According to a recent study Sydney is the fifth most expensive city in the world for parking, with the monthly medium paid for Sydney parking being $823.
Parking in Crows Nest is relatively easy and cheap. There is a selection of timed, un-timed, paid and free parking. All of the council carparks have 2 hours free parking on weekdays, perfect for an hour meeting.

3. Enjoy the ambience

Crows Nest is a charming little suburb, lined with pom pom trees and garden beds it has a serenity that is hard to find in the hustle and bustle of the city. Most of the cafes have outdoor seating, which makes for a nice ambience to meet with your clients. Sparrow just off Willoughby road has a pile of rugs that you can take onto the grass and have your coffee and lunch there on a nice day; a much nicer way to spend your lunch break than waiting in a queue for a dehydrated salad in an underground food court.

4. Explore the fantastic food

The food in Crows Nest is truly spectacular. You are spoiled with almost every cuisine you can dream of, French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, African, Middle Eastern… you name it, Crows Nest probably has it. The lunch food options are really a cut above, and you don’t have to hovel away in some dingy mid-city food court, you can sit at an outdoor table with a beer or coffee and really enjoy your lunch break instead ingesting some unpalatable sandwich to get you through the day. For meeting options the Stoned Crow, Waga Mamas, Small Bar, Sapporo Japanese restaurant and Sparrow provide spacious and stimulating places to eat and talk.

5. Wake up with award winning coffee

Crows Nest has wonderful coffee at almost every café. Bean Drinking is rated the 13th best café in Sydney according to Bean Hunter and produces a consistently beautiful cup. There is nothing better than a good coffee to boost you through the workday.

So... come to Crows Nest! 

The CBD is undeniably beautiful and exciting, but the traffic, parking and crowded food courts make it less than desirable to work in. Why not rent a serviced office in leafy Crows Nest with Excen? Equipped with meeting rooms, modern office furniture and technology, a great address, and amongst all the great food and coffee Crows Nest has to offer, Excen provides a great alternative to a city office space. Check out our serviced office in Crows Nest, or contact us to ask us about our services!

Are you working from home in Mosman, Neutral Bay, Chatswood or nearby and ready to make the move to serviced office? Book a visit to one of our serviced offices in Crows Nest and discover the flexibility and benefits of working from a serviced office with Excen.


posted on: 10 Nov 2016

quoteMoving my home office was the best decision I have made, my home is now free of files. It is so convenient having access to secretarial services, and a boardroom, I found it very easy to walk in and start operating.quote

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