smaller working spaces no longer means poor quality work-life

It comes as no surprise that our offices are shrinking. In the 1950’s the typical office size per worker was 50 square metres. The typical serviced office space today is around 10-12 square metres shared between two. But it’s not all doom and gloom; smaller working spaces no longer means poor quality work-life. We live in a flexible modern age where technology enables daily work tasks to take up less time and space. With serviced offices the size and location of your physical workspace can be changed from day to day to suit your particular needs.

1. Make use of Flexible Serviced Office Assistants

Business owners and managers are now multi-tasking so fewer employees are needed to perform tasks. Traditional secretaries and admin staff are being replaced by virtual assistants or their jobs have been absorbed by other members of staff. All good serviced offices will provide assistants to deal with the day to day admin tasks such as organising documents, binding, photocopying, promotional mail-outs as well as taking phone calls, taking messages and signing for packages. The added advantage is that you don’t have to pay full-time wages to get all the advantages of a secretary as they are shared amongst the serviced office.

2. Resize your Office Space whenever you need

If your company is expanding, a serviced office provides the flexibility to upsize your office space overnight. Lease terms at a serviced office can be short term as opposed to the 3-5 year commitment for a commercial space. Similarly downsizing is just as easy. If you need to move back home and build the business with minimal expense virtual office options allow you to seamlessly transition without your clients even knowing you have left the building. With serviced offices, you bring only what you need now, not what you’ll think you’ll need in 6 months.

3. Make use of the cloud

The days of filing cabinets are over! Cloud storage means that you no longer have to cart around tonnes of records as they can be accessed online, freeing up your physical office space. A client recently disposed of 10 filing cabinets full of records and accesses them all electronically. Stay flexible with lightweight electronic storage.

4. Personalise your space

Some people cannot work without natural light. As with all types of space there is a premium for windows! If your Serviced Office is light and bright and the furniture modern – you are almost there in creating an interior you want to spend time in. Bring plants, pictures, knick knacks and personalise your space as much as you can – it’s yours!

5. Flexibility is key

Serviced offices are uniquely flexible. You have your own secure lease and your own secure, dedicated lockable office but the added advantage of being able to move around at will until you find the perfect space for your company. If you are interested in a more flexible workplace have a look at Excen’s serviced office packages and enjoy all the benefits of working in a serviced office.

Are you working from home in Mosman, Chatswood, Neutral Bay or nearby and ready to make the move to serviced office? Book a visit to one of our serviced offices in Crows Nest and discover the flexibility and benefits of working from a serviced office with Excen.


posted on: 05 Dec 2016

quoteMoving my home office was the best decision I have made, my home is now free of files. It is so convenient having access to secretarial services, and a boardroom, I found it very easy to walk in and start operating.quote

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